TKM Inc.


Creative Solutions - On Time, On Budget


What We Do

TKM Inc. focuses on the needs of the client. We cut through the clutter to plan and deliver a cost effective marketing communications strategy that gets results.

Research & Discovery

First we ask the right questions to determine strengths, target audiences, existing realities, goals and objectives and market perceptions.

Positioning & Branding

Determine brand personality, brand promise and develop key messages.

Audience Reach

Develop the media and marketing communications strategy that will reach the target audience—and reach them frequently.


Write, design and produce creative materials that have the wow factor.


Plan, negotiate and purchase a media mix that works and is cost effective for the client. TKM Inc. is an accredited media buyer (Manitoba).


Did the campaign work? How do we know? Your campaign is assessed using recognized and pre-determined measurement criteria.